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Posted 10/5/2015
"We decided to use a local florist for several reasons. We have lived here for many years and trust our local vendors. Jessica was more than helpful, always available for questions and concerns. She was reassuring and did an amazing job with all aspects of the floral arrangements for the wedding. Everything looked gorgeous!!!" - Pat P.

Posted 10/3/2015 
"I used Jessica and the team at The Talked About Affair for my wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She was absolutely amazing! I was struggling to articulate the pictures I had in my head, but the first time Jess showed me a sample of my centerpieces I was floored. She completely understood what I wanted and created insanely beautiful pieces that were unique, creative, and that I haven't seen anywhere else. The arch we were married under remains one of the most beautiful constructions I have ever seen. I cannot emphasize enough how many comments I got on the arch and centerpieces - everything they produced was stunning." - Lauren M.

Posted 9/2/2015
"My experience with The Talked About Affair was beyond exceptional! Upon recommendation by a close friend who has used them for various occasions (work and personal), I knew exactly where to go for our wedding flowers. I had brought photos and ideas to our initial meeting, and when I went in to see a sample, it far exceeded my expectations! Jess and the team knew just how to incorporate all of the colors we wanted, as well as the use of personal items that were just for my husband-to-be and me. The arrangements were even grander on the tables! Entering the room was a joy. Our boutonnieres and bouquets were just amazing - they photographed and even dried beautifully! From start to finish, the communication was always timely and clear. The entire team really made me feel assured that not only would we get what we wanted (and then some), but that everything would be set up, arranged, delivered, and taken care of on time with no second thought on the day of! Thank you Jess and everyone at The Talked About Affair for making our Special Day that much more special!!!" - Kate J.

Posted 2/9/2016 
"Long long overdue! Jessica was amazing!! She took a lot of time during our first meet to get to know me and what I like. I didn't really have an idea of what I was looking for at the time and then she painted a beautiful picture for me. The price was perfect for all that she did. On the day of my wedding I wanted to get married outside, but it wound up being a really windy day and she was outside for a while trying her best to give me what I wanted. I had no idea how bad it was outside being that I was inside finishing getting ready and taking pictures, so when I did step out to check she was struggling with the wind to keep things upright. I felt horrible when I found out she was out there for a couple of hours trying to set up while everything was getting blown over. I told her to stop and bring it in. We did have a nice back up room in doors. When I walked down the aisle I was stunned on how gorgeous she had transformed the backup rom. It was absolutely beautiful! The reception room was just as stunning. She had amazing attention to detail with the tables as well as the card and cake tables.

"I still have people telling me how gorgeous my wedding was, and I got married on 11/7/14. I would not have changed a thing! Jessica and her team were amazing!!!!! I honestly would suggest everyone to check this shop out!!" - Christina J.

Posted 9/2/2015
"Jessica is truly gifted when it comes to putting together arrangements. I can't even begin to tell you how blown away I was the first time I saw my wedding centerpieces. It is as if she knew exactly what I was looking for, and more. All my flowers for my wedding were absolutely beautiful! I love all the arrangements and how she really thought outside of the box to create ones that were truly unique. In addition to the beautiful work that Jessica produced she was such a big help the day of the wedding and the days leading up to the wedding. Jessica was always very quick with emails (I was planning my wedding while living in Colorado) and willing to make adjustments to estimate as my wedding vision changed (and grew!) Thank you so much for all the amazing flowers for my wedding Jessica!!" - Jennifer E.

Posted 9/2/2015 
"I was a guest of a client of The Talked About Affair for their 'beach' wedding. The centerpieces, bouquets, and decorative urns for the ceremony were absolutely perfect for the venue. So many flowers....but so beautiful every one of them! The colors were magnificent - and most of all - the quality of flowers used was truly unbelievable! Jess did a wonderful job giving that personal touch and made sure the Bride, especially, loved every minute of her special day! I would highly recommend The Talked About Affair to anyone planning not only a wedding - but any event that needs to be memorable!" - Pam E.

Posted 10/25/15
"I have been a faithful customer for many years and have never been disappointed. Our daughter recently got married and of course we used them for the wedding. Everything was spectacular! From the very beginning (they had a long engagement) Jessica kept us on track. She was our Wedding Planner, Florist and design consultant. The Wedding was at the Sands Point Preserve in the Hempstead House. It could not have been more elegant and beautiful. The whole crew was there from start to finish. I cannot thank them enough! Will always recommend them!" - Linda R.

Posted 10/02/14
"Jennifer and Chris were married on September 27, 2014. It was spectacular and Jessica was a big part of that.

"As my son-in-law is in the Air Force, both he and my daughter were living in Colorado the year leading up to the wedding. The distance proved not to be an issue. Jessica communicated very effectively with my daughter, taking time to understand exactly what Jen's vision was. Jessica also lent her expertise in suggesting flowers that would hold up well, look beautiful, and would look well together in respect to color, height, and texture.

"When Jen came to NY, Jessica had a sample centerpiece prepared for her. Elizabeth, it was stunning! Even now as I tell this, I remember the feeling I had in that moment. Jessica had absolutely exceeded our expectations.

"Now I should mention here that as your daughter's wedding is April and my daughter's was September, the flowers will probably be different in respect to seasonality and colors. Of course, anything is possible. I can say with confidence that all the flowers were beautiful, full, and fresh.

"One last thing, Jessica also went above and beyond. She overheard my daughter and I trying to coordinate some details in regard to setup and arrangement of the reception table the day of the wedding. (We did have a wedding planner but she was going to be with the bridal party at the Viana and the Arboretum before their arrival in Port.) Jessica offered to take care of it for us and she did. I can't tell you how reassuring it was to have her help.

"If it sounds as though I'm gushing, I am! What greater feeling is there than to see your child's dream come true! We received so many, many compliments on the affair." - Diane E.